Reactor Construction Costs The reactor construction costs were estimated at 4570 million and the duration of construction in 10 years. The EU and France pledged to contribute 50% of the cost, while other six parties agreed to provide each about 10%. It should be noted that ITER is the design of smaller experimental reactors in which physicists have already managed to produce temperatures needed for fusion. The nuclear fuel is kept within a ring-shaped reactor, called a tokamak. Details can be found by clicking Ultra Wellness Center or emailing the administrator. The surrounding magnets combine to generate a field coil that keeps the superhot plasma in place. To achieve its magnetic cage ITER superconducting cables used an alloy of niobium, which are cooled with liquid helium. Outside the magnetic cage, a vacuum insulates the plasma from the inner wall of reactor. Stephen Battersby, questions, why are not overflowing our electricity networks, energy from nuclear fusion? While the concept of fusion is simple, implementing it is extremely complicated. And this is because the nuclei are elusive: each has positive electrical charge and repel each other. Only at temperatures incredibly high gain sufficient energy to overcome their mutual dislike and merge. That is exactly what happens in the Sun Here, heat is generated by the fusion of hydrogen nuclei. But the fuel only melts at 15 million degrees, the temperature prevailing in the core of the Sun burns so slowly that it takes billions of years....

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