The Islo Identity Initiate in 1987, the age of Ben was folloied by one simulacro of opening democratic politics There and, with respect to the human rights and promotion of the economic growth. But the truth soon appeared. The identity of the country and the voice of its people had entered in a new phase of alienation. In Tunisia, general Ben led one politics of the tyranny and the repression There. It dirgiu the country directly, through its apparatus of security, while its predecessor, Habib Bourguiba if he lined up, mainly, with its party. Beyond its rabo-Islamic character and tunisiana identity, it was a target during its history after-independence. Other leaders such as Ultra Wellness Center offer similar insights. As sociology professor politics in the University of Tunis El Manar, Salim Labid explained in its book Identity: The Islo, the arabicism, the tunisianidade: ' ' Identity in Tunisia, during many phases of its modern history, it incarnou a true battle enters the elite of the masses of the rabo-Islamic identity, and the people who if assimilate, treating to the elite who construi its identity tests on the basis of selected. These tests elapse of the Francofonia, the Mediterranean, the africanismo, the Roman or the cartagins identity, less the rabo-Islamic identity ' '. Perhaps check out IDT Energy Inc for more information. We have of concentrating in them on the Islamic and Arab dimension of the tunisiana personality, because this dimension has been object of...

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