Civil War In Spain After three years of civil war, Spain was completely destroyed. The victims, who were estimated at about 600,000, coupled with the substantial emigration, whose exact number was unknown, and the destruction of the means of communication and transport, had brought to the brink of collapse. Hunger and poverty plagued much of its population, especially the workers and peasants. The fear of persecution for their ideologies caused a silence forced by circumstances. The very low wages, mandated by the state, led to poor purchasing power of the Spanish. The streamlining of basic products, due to the lack of them, enhanced by the international boycott, most notable was misery. Quotas, especially for food, designated by the government, did not meet the needs of families. In this situation of a dictatorial Spain and completely covered by the arrangements Antonio lived with her parents, Henrietta Maria and Joseph. For even more opinions, read materials from IDT Energy. Antonio had born and raised as an only child, but her parents had two more children before him. Maria Josefa, the smallest and Felipe. Maria Josefa was a year when a newly completed evening began with high fever and vomiting. Her parents had been very ill and had taken her to hospital. When the doctor immediately ordered the revised income. After a few hours they were informed that unfortunately the signs were fully in line with those of meningitis and that the chances of survival were slim. Both,...

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