Differentiation This separation if still develops inside of a process of conceived secularizao as a universal teleologic process. ' ' Although the differentiation of the social spheres certainly constitutes a basic dimension of the modern social order, it cannot be reduced to one movement of simple retraction of the religious one. Some authors have demonstrated that the secularizao is only one of the elements of ample a historical process, that includes the emergency of an impersonal market, of a State, more distant of the moral regulation, of independent an intellectual life that more excuses the idea of God and an experience of escolarizada urban individualizao and. The bias of implicit the protestant legacy in the paradigm of the secularizao makes of the emergency of the civil society an extension of the secularizadora logic of proper protestantismo.' ' Thus the intrinsic logic in the legal separation between State and religion is the new order contained in the bourgeois revolution of state and its necessity of individualizao of the man. For other opinions and approaches, find out what US Senator from Vermont has to say. In such a way it was necessary to guarantee two great conquests simultaneously the laity of the state and the freedom of each one, thus becoming the religion of public domain. ' ' Simultaneously to guarantee the freedom of all and the freedom of each one, the laity distinguishes and separates public domain, where it exerts the citizenship and...

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