Xavier Villaurrutia ON the 60th anniversary of the death of XAVIER VILLAURRUTIA (1903-1950) I feel that my death, my single present death, my death that I cannot share or cry, am here living my death that does not comfort me ever. Xavier Villaurrutia. Hour of Spain. THE voice of the NOSTALGIA of death the avant-garde poetry found in favourable terrain Mexico; the ISMS of postwar spread finding valuable performers in poets who conquered well-deserved fame. The most significant group was which met around the magazine contemporary (1928-1931). Of the poets who belonged to the Group of the contemporary, the most prominent were, Carlos Pellicer, brilliant colorist, Jose Goroztiza, the poet, the representative of pure poetry, Jaime Torres Bodet, the audacious surrealist, Salvador Novo, Xavier Villaurrutia and surprising verbal virtuoso of nostalgia for death. Xavier Villaurrutia Gonzalez was born in the city of Mexico on March 27, 1903 and died in his hometown, on December 25, 1950. He studied at the French school and from their high school studies began his friendship with Salvador Novo and Torres Bodet. Although he started his law studies, he soon left them to devote himself entirely to letters. Ulysses directed, together with Salvador Novo, the magazine. In 1938, during the Spanish war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, he published two poems death in the cold and pink night on time in Spain, the most important magazine of the moment. He later collaborated on Romance, magazine...

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