Reproductive Medicine So she unconsciously denied motherhood '. It is also noteworthy that, after such woman through artificial insemination gives birth to her first child, problems with the second she does not usually arise. Himself during infertility treatments for couples are often accompanied by psychological stress. Julie and Eugene Ten years have felt it. 'Very hard to wait when there is a fear that another attempt will be idle, - says Eugene. - There was despair when thinking about adoption. But his wife - resistant person, she always said that we will achieve a '. According to psychologists, in this case, the significant role played by the subconscious. Julia said that before successful fertilization she had a dream that an unknown woman sends her child. She and her husband immediately called and told the doctor, and he said that tomorrow is waiting for them at home. 'We did artificial insemination, and after many unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant Julia' - says Eugene. Ukrainian Clinic Experts note that the level of the majority of reproductive medicine clinics in Ukraine is high and domestic doctors ahead of their Russian colleagues. 'We own the same assisted reproductive technologies, which leading clinics around the world. Using the same drugs as experts of France, Israel and the United States', - says Fedor , director of the Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Sergei , director of the clinic problems family planning, says that patients come to them with various problems....

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