Distension Acupuncture - a component of traditional Chinese medicine, which is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in treating a large number of diseases. With it you can cure almost everything. Acupuncture - this is natural approach to treating many disorders and diseases: physical, mental and .Vse more and more people are turning to ancient medicine to treat headaches, pms, arthritis, ulcers, insomnia, depression and many other ailments. This treatment is based on the introduction into the tissues of the body of special metal needles of different lengths in a strictly defined point on the surface of the human body there tela.Na 664 points, of which the doctor chooses one or another of them, depending on the nature of the disease. These "active" points are different from other parts of the skin a number of features: higher pain sensitivity, high level of metabolic processes, higher electric potential and low electrocutaneous resistance. Some people are afraid of needles, and believe that acupuncture - a very painful event. However, unlike in traditional Oriental medicine, in which used needles are thick, acupuncture needles are smooth, firm and not so thick. Connect with other leaders such as US Senator from Vermont here. Needles for acupuncture are made of metal, with 1,5 - 12 cm and a thickness of 0,3 - 0,45 mm. Some people may experience only minor sensation at the point where the needle hits: aching, Distension, a sense of current flow - but they are...

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