Spirit Of The Night Air "Information to the clinical picture Pseudokrupp'tur with advice and other references which Jochen Gust called author the Pseudokrupp'tur metaphorically a spirit of the air", which took a breath. To be read in his book with a similar title. Right the guy, because for the child it must feel but indeed, as something invisible, threatening would take him to breathe the air. That they create great fears that should be comprehensible. Naturally, not all children are affected. This, mostly caused by influenza viruses, shortness of breath, occur usually only children at the age of three months until at the latest six years. Heard also of rather rare exceptions, that even older children and even adults of which can be affected. And probably other individual problems with, must be considered because a Pseudokrupp'tur usually only when so young children and babies may occur because the area of the larynx is still very tight. Are the local mucous membranes by viruses irritated and swell, can occur in conjunction with the normal nightly waste of the cortisone levels, which in turn can be slightly swollen mucous membranes, a significant narrowing of the throat area and thus of the respiratory tract. This knock-on effect can trigger an attack of Pseudokrupp'tur. Just the component that the seizure of almost exclusively in the late evening hours or at night takes place, makes it only more frightening. You need just to imagine, how by the barking cough at night...

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