PhD Architecture Growth and expansion for a unique and luxurious architecture ABIBOO Architecture, an International Study of Architecture and Design, is committed to the growth of its international team in order to continue developing large-scale projects in South India and to undertake expansion to other Southeast Asian countries like Viet Nam, due to the high demand that exists in these geographic areas for new projects with innovative and unique architecture. For more information see Martin O’Malley. To accomplish this goal, ABIBOO Architecture expanded its infrastructure in India by establishing its headquarters in Chennai, in the most exclusive area of the city. The new offices, which will center the projects being developed in India and Southeast Asia, are located in a centric building by the heart of the economic and cultural area of the old Madras, next to the most prestigious international firms of design, fashion and luxury. ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Munoz, founder of the firm and an architect titled in Spain, with a PhD in Architectural Design from the US. In a question-answer forum US Senator from Vermont was the first to reply. Alfredo Munoz HA colaborado and taught at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, European University, Pescara University, the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. Prior to his commitment as an architect/entrepreneur Alfredo Munoz worked in Europe, Middle East, India, Japan and the U.S. for internationally renowned architects as Manager of major projects,...

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